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Halls Creek Hospital

Halls Creek


The Halls Creek Hospital is an important civic building incorporating local artists work in the town of Halls Creek. Not only does it contribute to the health and well being of the community and provide employment but it is also an architectural landmark in the town.
The architecture of the hospital is strongly linked to context - our version of "Kimberley Architecture" as it applies to health - with aboriginal art themes incorporated in the building's vibrant red masonry and metal balustrades.

In terms of planning, the Halls Creek Hospital is comprised of three separate wings that extend into the landscape. The first wing, located at the entry to the hospital, is the Community Health Building which serves an out patient function, the second wing accommodates the main hospital functions of inpatient and emergency department, and the third wing accommodates hospital services including kitchen, stores and engineering. Sustainability measures (including passive solar design, shading devices, natural ventilation and use of materials requiring minimal maintenance) ensure that the hospital is efficient and cost effective in use.

Given the importance of the hospital to the community of Halls Creek, cultural and community considerations and consultation were critical in the design of the building. In particular, cultural input into the hospital saw that care was taken to create ample outdoor waiting areas and naturally ventilated rooms.