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Royal Darwin Hospital

Royal Darwin Hospital

Master Plan

Bateman Architects was engaged by the Northern Territory Department of Health, in collaboration with Aurora Projects, to develop a Concept Master Development Plan for future capital development works for the Royal Darwin Hospital site. The hospital, as it stands, is an amalgam of an original "Tower Block" and associated facilities (completed in 1977) and other subsequent alterations and additions.

An important consideration in the preparation of the Concept Master Development Plan was the need to determine the remaining useful life of the existing main Tower Block. To confirm the future viability of the Tower Block, a building condition audit was commissioned to assess the serviceability of the structure. The survey covered the external building fabric, the internal brickwork, the windows and the overall structural integrity of the building and found that "the building was suitable for on-going sustainable adaptive re-use".

After developing several design options, the preferred option included alterations and additions to the existing Tower Block. Whilst this option proposes the development of a new Ambulatory Care Facility and a new Women's and Children's Block, it includes the re-cladding of the existing Tower Block and the replacement of existing windows. The building at once becomes compliant with cyclone code requirements and can perform as a "Post Disaster" building. The replacement and upgrade of the fašade also offers an opportunity to develop a new aesthetic for the Tower Block and produce a new focus for the campus.